Commercial Tinting

Should I Tint My Business Windows?

If your commercial space has an extensive glass surface area, The Tint Shop’s premium ceramic Hüper Optik window tinting can dramatically impact your utility bills during the warmest months of the year.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that 25% of commercial energy costs go toward climate control, making the high reflectivity of our window films an excellent way to beat the Georgia heat. Combining this installation with other energy efficient measures can even help you qualify for various levels of LEED certification, saving you money, giving your employees even more reason to take pride in your company, and enhancing both your sales pitch and your Triple Bottom Line.

Highly reflective tint can also be an excellent choice for areas where loss mitigation procedures are in effect, to prevent external visitors from looking into your valuable interior space, or even to shield unsightly areas or supply closets. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves, but you can also browse through our gallery to see how much an expertly-designed window tint can improve the aesthetic appeal, budget, safety, and productivity in your commercial space.  From our central location in Milledgeville, we can service businesses throughout Baldwin County; Contact us to get a free estimate and design ideas today!


Protect Against UV

Stop harmful UV rays from fading your carpet and damaging your furniture, employees, and customers.

Reduce Energy Costs

Advanced solar film reduces heat intake and reliance on climate control.

Professional Look

Window tint adds a professional look to your business.

Proud Installer of

Ceramic Series

The first and only patented Nano-Ceramic window film available.

Hüper Optik researchers developed an advancement in high performance coatings through Nano-Ceramic technology. This advancement stunned the industry and allowed Hüper Optik to patent its technology in 1998. The German technology improved performance and quality beyond other solutions.

By using advanced Ceramics with Spectrally Selective technology, Hüper Optik was the first and only patented Nano-Ceramic Window film available.

Select Series - DREI

The highest performing, non-reflective film in the world.

Hüper Optik has developed spectrally selective technology to create a multi-layer filter that separates the sun’s heat, light, and UV rays to provide comfort without compromising your view.

By using Nano Technology, they were able to use precious metals, silver and gold, to allow in the maximum amount of light, but reject the maximum amount of heat without increasing the visual reflectivity of the glass. This film rejects up to 70% of the heat and 99.9% of the UV rays.

Ceramic XR Plus Film

A fusion of green technology and energy efficiency.

Hüper Optik Fusion Films use a fusion of technologies of performance, aesthetics, neutral tones, and sustainability: providing the advantages of affordability and high heat rejection.

Fusion Films deliver privacy, comfort, and energy efficiency year round: reducing high energy bills, preventing temperature variances and hot spots, and rejecting infrared and ultraviolet light rays.